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education outside the box

When you want something more than traditional education

Get an education that’s tailored to your individual child.

for each student

Over-achievers will thrive in our school! Students are free to set a more challenging pace for themselves, enabling many of our students to be a year ahead of their age level! This frees older students to graduate early or consider our dual enrollment program!

If your student has fallen behind, our unique approach allows him to pick up exactly where he is in each subject and work hard to get that subject up to his proper grade level. Extra tutoring is readily available in our program.

Due to placement testing, transfer students are placed at the point in each subject where they need to be and can take off from there!

our unique curriculum

We can provide an individualized education for students because our unique curriculum, featuring a different philosophy than traditional education. It’s part of an entire program of education. Click the yellow words to watch brief videos and learn more!

New students place at their true level of learning, regardless of other students their age. They place where they are in each subject, regardless of their scores in other subjects.

Students progress through material independent of the speeds of others. They move quickly through what they enjoy and find easy. They slow down for what is challenging.

Students learn the value of setting goals. They become independent, life-long learners.

Other Advantages


a safe, Christian environment led by dedicated, godly teachers with students from other Christian homes

close-knit family

thrive in a warm, personal atmosphere where people know each other


take advantage of the free bussing of Anoka Hennepin District #11


round out your student’s academics with art, music, and physical education


get helpful tutoring throughout the day (not just after school) to keep your child on pace

dual credit

juniors and seniors can earn dual credit for high school and university work


all of this for a price the average person can afford!  Contact us for more details.

Think outside the box