The presidential election is over and pundits are busy scratching their heads and posing all sorts of scenarios as to why Clinton lost.  I don’t have the time to read all of their rabbit trails, but I did read one piece as it relates to education.  The Washington Post editorial by Charles Camosy (Nov. 9) suggested that six out of ten Americans do not have a college education, and they elected Trump.  Now, this post is not about Trump or Clinton, nor is it about why one lost and the other won.  It is about the role of secular education.

Camosy presented some alarming statistics!  He stated:

In 2014,  some 60 percent of college professors  identified as either “liberal” or “far-left,” an increase from 42 percent identifying as such in 1990.

[L]iberal college professors outnumber conservatives  5-to-1.

Religion in most secular institutions . . . is very often criticized as an inherently violent, backward force in our culture, akin to belief in fairies and dragons. Professors are less religious than the population as a whole.

That is sobering, and that is motivating.  That is why we operate Coon Rapids Christian School.  We want our students to be educated by people who are born-again Christians who believe that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.  According to Camosy, this election was determined by people who have not been indoctrinated by our secular universities.  But what will happen if Christian parents continue to see Christian education as being unimportant?  What will happen if parents are more concerned about the savings of PSEO than they are about the godliness of the education they are receiving?

Coon Rapids Christian School has answers to these questions.  We offer a Christian education in a distinctively Christian environment where Biblical, traditional values are taught.  And we offer a godly PSEO alternative via dual credit with Maranatha Baptist University where students can save money, further their education, and build a Biblical world view.  The cause of Christ, the future of our nation, and the character of our youth are far too important to send our youth to secular institutions that are home to the godless, liberal professors!