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Growth. At this age, you can almost watch them grow physically. They need to run and play and use up energy. They need to know how to properly use that energy. We understand that. We are here to help. Ample recess, break time, and physical education classes aid in that growth. Positive behavior is reinforced through the use of Eagle Bucks which they can earn in a variety of ways and later spend in the school store.


Your child has loads of personality; we want to direct it, shape it, and develop it. Education is work, but it is also an enthusiastic time of discovery and wonder. We want children to have a life-long desire to learn and discover as much of God’s world as they can!


Your child is unique; we build on that. Our special curriculum opens the door for all of her motivation and brilliance to help her to advance quickly – some students eventually getting a whole year ahead in their studies. Should she struggle with a concept, she can slow down to focus on it and utilize readily-available tutoring. Mastery of core subjects are enhanced by music, art, and physical education.
You want your child to know God, to see her small faith grow, to learn the key truths of Christianity, and to hide God’s Word in her heart. Then, you want to see this spirituality change the way your child lives. We want that too! We begin our day with prayer and Scripture memory. We have daily Bible class and weekly chapel. All of our curricula is loaded with a Biblical worldview. Scripture memory award days give exciting rewards to those who hide God’s Word in their hearts. To top it all off, our teachers model and mentor a life that walks with God!


Small class sizes give your child the advantage of one-on-one attention from the teacher, yet combined classes and free times will enrich the life of your child with friends from other Christian families – friendships he will cherish and remember for a lifetime.

Caring Teachers

Your child isn’t just a number; he is a person made in God’s image. Our teachers care about your child. They care about her academic, personal, and spiritual vibrancy. They communicate with parents. They tutor struggling children. They reward proper accomplishments. Teaching is their calling, their life.

Made especially for children

We care about the education of your elementary child. We’ve been doing this for four decades. Let us invest in your children in our safe, Christian environment.

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