In today’s culture of changing values and shifting morals, unpredictable violence, and worldly philosophies, parents need to cautiously guard against the worldly influences that can harm their children’s belief system.  A great Christian ally to the Christian home is the Christian school.  It is here where Christian parents can find teachers who have like-minded values and beliefs.  When it comes to education outside the home, parents have no better ally than a Christian school.

Scripture instructs parents to train their children in the ways of the Lord.  This Bible truth is an undeniable, incontestable fact.  Isaiah 38:19 instructs fathers to “make known thy truths [God’s truths]” to his children.  And Ephesians 6:4 directs parents to “bring them [children] up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  In addition, Deuteronomy 6:6-9 commands parents to honor and obey His words in regard to teaching children.  These and numerous other verses speak loudly to Christian parents.

Could it be that some well-meaning Christian parents are unaware of what the Bible says about education?  Could they also be naïve about what is happening in secular schools?  Pursuing these questions further, is Christian education a choice or has God taken choice out of the question?

Condensed from an article by Dr. Charles Walker.