For nearly 40 years, The Kindergarten at CRCS has been teaching children to read and preparing them for a successful education. Now, The Kindergarten has expanded in some really exciting ways!

It is said that 85% of all attitudes toward God, church, and authority are developed by the age of six. Let us help your child form the right ones.

Monthly Trips

There is nothing like getting out of school for a field trip!  This brings life and reality (not to mention fun) to what is learned at school!


We offer 5-day K5 and both 3-day and 5-day K4, all at an excellent price!


Exciting, fresh themes keep students excited to come and eager to learn.  Special days give dad and mom, grandma, aunt Sara, and your closest friends an opportunity to see what your child has been learning!


No one is a number here.  One-on-one interaction with teachers abounds, yet having plenty of other children with which to play!


We all remember when the fireman came to our school when we were a kid, and your child will be just as excited about the monthly visits from people just like him!


But its not all just fun and games.  Using the excellent Abeka curriculum, your child will learn language arts, numbers, Bible, science, social studies, music, art, and physical education - all in a beautiful, engaging classroom from a professional teacher!